Beyond Gun Politics

No one wants to see more gun deaths and injuries.

Let’s talk about it!

Beyond Gun Politics is an “Under Construction” toolkit to help you or your organization host a safe and civil conversation about preventing gun violence. People often get stuck debating gun rights vs gun control, so the interactive toolkit provides video clips, conversation guides, vetted stats and other effective tools to foster constructive dialogue, under an inclusive framework of public health and prevention.

It is hard to talk about gun violence, but there are proven methods that help us discover commonalities, overcome defensive dialogue and create actions together that lead to fewer deaths and injuries. Americans are longing for this outcome.

Together we can reduce gun violence.

Change the way your community thinks, talks and acts about gun violence.

Be part of the solution.

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The Guns, Grief, and Grace Coalition is an academic-community led organization made up of leaders in the greater Milwaukee area.

Changing The Conversation

Guns, Grief & Grace in America

Check out films and engagement examples from the documentary project.

Sample Materials

The toolkit will be full of materials to help you build a constructive conversation that leads to real action – regardless of the type of gun violence your community is facing.

If you are ready to get started today, you don’t have to wait for the online toolkit! Contact us with ideas questions and requests. We are here to help!

Conversation Models
Documentary Film Clips
Vetted Stats
Sample Agenda
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